Wuppertal Schwebebahn 1902 & 2015 side by side video

When I discovered these 2 videos:
https://youtu.be/EQs5VxNPhzk recorded in 1902
https://youtu.be/DgfRq4kEFro taped in 2015
I recognized it could be feasible to line them up alongside to get an impact of what have actually altered after 113 years.

The left video is left undamaged as well as I attempted to line up the corresponding scenes in the best one by cutting and controling framerates. The copied structures in the ideal video clip are additionally present in the initial as well as makes it a little bit jerky.

I made this simply for enjoyable and also did not goal for a 100% match yet it is still possible to see exactly how structures and so on have actually changed over time.

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