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The World’s Oldest Electric Suspension Railway in Wuppertal|Public Transport in Germany|with Eng CC

Invite to the world’s earliest and most renowned Suspension Railway in Wuppertal Germany. During our check out in Wuppertal, we obtained an interesting possibility to explore this city over 12m from the ground, thanks to the „hanging train“. Much better recognized in German as the ‚Wuppertaler Schwebebahn‘ this century old suspension monorail is still operating as a method of public transportation in Wuppertal. The Schwebebahn runs along a route of 13.3 kilometres in between Vohwinkel in the west as well as Oberbarmen in the east. This train is suspended at a height of 12 m from the ground. The optimum speed of this train is 60 km/h taking about 35 minutes to obtain from west to east.

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