This episode had all of it! The Mandalorian Season 2 Episode 6 ultimately shows the one as well as just, Boba Fett in the spotlight. We see Boba return and also ultimately help Din Djarin as well as Grogu against Moff Gideon’s Storm Troopers as well as Dark Troopers (phase 2 I think), who end up taking Grogu.
Fennec Shand reminds me a great deal of Zam Wessel from Attack of the Clones, who was sought by Anakin Skywalker and also Obi-Wan Kenobi, until Jango appeared.

We likewise find out a great deal about Jango Fett, Boba Fett’s Father. Jango’s daddy hid Jaster Mereel in his farm, and also informed Jango that he was feeding some homeless guys. When Tor Vizsla came looking near Jango’s Dad’s ranch, he found Jango’s Dad as well as defeated him up infant of Jango, up until Jango’s mother produced a disturbance and also Jango ran for his life, leaving his parents who were quickly murdered, Fett ran into Jaster Mereel who eventually took the kid under his wing as well as recruited him in the Mandalorian Civil War against Death Watch, as one of the True Mandalorians.

Clarifying this to Din, Din approves that the armour belongs to Boba. This armour, is simply repainted from his daddy’s, from Jango’s. The offer is done, says Din, where Boba assures him that it is not, as he assured the security of the kid in return for his armour.

We leap to Moff Gideon’s light cruiser, he walks to the cell consisting of the kid.

As Moff Gideon enters, we see Grogu utilizing the pressure on stormtroopers. Even going as much as using force choke, to which several could assume is a dark side relocation, yet, I need to point out, Luke Skywalker utilized it also in Return of the Jedi, and he was far from the dark side.

As Grogu knocks them out, Gideon steps up to him and also sparks his
dark saber, asking Grogu if he remembers among these, indicating if he keeps in mind having or making use of a lightsaber seen many lightsabers during his time as a Jedi at the Jedi Temple before Order 66. Grogu is tired, I believe since he had to reduce himself off from the pressure for so lengthy that he isn’t utilized to using it as long as when he went to the Jedi holy place picking up from the lots of masters. Making use of the pressure can likewise tire one out, like it does to Luke in the empire strikes back when falling short to lift the x-wing out of Yoda’s overload. They blast Grogu with a stun blast, as well as cuff him. Gideon informs his officer to get in touch with Dr. Pershing, the cloning physician liable for the experiments on the child, to tell him that they have their donor. The strategy now is for Gideon to kill Grogu to collect all of his blood which has force powers, or in Star Wars language, a high Midichlorian count. End of the episode.

It was fantastic. Just fantastic. My preferred episode of the whole show up until now, which is saying a lot. Boba is back as well as badder than ever, as Terry Silver would certainly say. I believe the following episode will revolve around saving Mayfeld from Jail, and also after that tracking the light cruiser or going to Dr. Pershing who will have the child for a moment. I assume the period finale will finish in a Big Bang all out battle like end video game. With everyone we’ve seen from this season dealing with each other versus Moff Gideon and also his dark troopers, as he himself enters a stage 3 dark trooper mega fit to destroy Din. Hopefully Ahsoka Tano returns with Bo Katan, and also we get to see an additional Jedi, Luke or Ezra is my hunch.

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