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Aye, finished with the pills I discard the roxies.
Performed with the bullshit I do not require no one.
I may simply post up with a full clip right ahead the tasks.
I seen the murder prior to it occurred I’m a murder prophet.
I’m resting, chillin, smokin, makin a killin.
Tryna make certain they listen however I do not assume that they listening to.
Eyes tearing, I’m not god fearing, I just really hope that god’s steering.
Adversary conflicting however this glizzy in amiri’s.

They will not eliminate me, they won’t pierce me, will not peel me.
Sincerley, from a nigga without pity, no biggie.
Awesomes killing without it wit me no Mickey.
It aint no computer mice that’s runnin with me.
They say Bryson trippin, state he changing, he acting different.
Know it’s actually fiction so I’m altering my chapter with you.
Might get in my sensations reminiscing bout past transactions.
Practicing meditation and also fascinated with tranquility and actual healing.
Medication dealing, genuine murder, we already experienced it.
New bargain for a free mill, they asking just how I’m really feeling.
Dont really feel real, couple M’s, she loving just how I’m online.
The Shit unbelievable these hoes they fuccin on me just for delights.

I desire that I could get time back.
Guy I got ta rewind that.
Lotta spunk that sent me back and knocked me off the wrong course.
Thuggin inspect my rough draft.
Offer your butt a blood bathroom.
We don’t even play reasonable.
You come here, you lay here.
Effort young nigga.
They do not comprehend I’m tired.
Bro like what you tired for you supposed to be active bro.
Lotta crap that emerged.
I was looking through blindfolds.
Livin in the lies like we trapped up in a cycle.
Tryna be abundant like the white people, my third eye woke.
assume I want a white ghost, matte black, or painted purple.
Eco-friendly as well as blue cheese, geico, blue mike n ikes hoes.
Off white in the sunlight, can’t forget the nikes though.
Living on a tightrope, im balancing survival.
Idea the concrete grew a bright rose.
I’m on the best roadway.
Potholes we evade those and international whips not tahoes.
I’m in a rarri, rarri, go.
Calamari for the meal, while she provide me deep throat.
Allow me understand.

I’m in a rarri, rarri, go.
In the vehicle with this choppa and it included a range.
They like that’s the child from shotta circulation.

Aye, done with the tablets I toss away the roxies.
Done with the bullshit I don’t need no one.
I could just post up with a complete clip right ahead the jobs.
I seen the murder before it occurred I’m a murder prophet.
I’m sitting, chillin, smokin, makin a killin.
Tryna make sure they listen yet I don’t think that they hearing.
Eyes tearing, I’m not god being afraid, I simply wish that god’s guiding.
Evil one interfering yet this glizzy in amiri’s.

Von Bernd