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Alright, I know a great deal of you miss the theories, and so do I. Below’s one that at very first glance will make you roll your eyes, yet by the end of this video, I think you’ll be able to see a whole lot of the reliability of points.
The even more I compose this theory, the extra it makes good sense, but first we need to recognize a great deal of lore and backstory, so stick around, as well as appreciate this with me.

In Star Wars Revenge of the Sith, Mace Windu dropped out of the window, as well as we haven’t seen the Jedi Master since. We saw a delusion of his return in among the Vader comics by Marvel which I have complete insurance coverage on with voice performing, if you can call it that, currently this Mace isn’t truly Mace, it’s some unusual fragmented computer animated variation of him … can we say he’s really dead?
In this theory video, I’m mosting likely to state he didn’t pass away that day. The concept I have behind this, is that we heard his voice speak with Rey in the increase of Skywalker. You’re possibly thinking, well … that absolutely means he’s dead, appropriate?
If it wasn’t for Qui-Gon Jinn, no one would be a force ghost. In Revenge of the Sith, Qui-Gon’s pressure ghost speaks to Yoda, it was reduced from the film, however it was dialogued in the deleted scenes and also created in the initial manuscript. Once Padme passes away and obi-wan as well as Yoda talk, we learn that Qui-Gon is currently Yoda’s master, who has actually instructed him how to commune with him in the force.

So, where did he go? The Star Wars galaxy is substantial, and it’s possible that he fled somewhere, or entered hiding, similar to Yoda, Obi-Wan and also the remainder of the survivors of Order 66.
What happens if he went somewhere to some unidentified earth in the unidentified areas somewhere to hide as well as educate even more Jedi? Suppose he became a Mandalorian? Nothing would certainly match his scarred and recognizable face far better than hiding under a safety helmet.

This leads me to my next concept, what happens if Mace Windu remains in The Mandalorian? What if he reveals up in season2 or 3 or more? Mace Windu was extremely effective, so effective that he went toe to toe with the Emperor.

Now, if Mace is to life, seeing him as a Mandalorian would not just be trendy, it would certainly fit a whole lot of the tale for the Jedi that can help rejoin the youngster with his varieties. Mace in a lot of means, was the chosen one.

Allow’s claim Mando takes The Child to Ahsoka, and she at some point informs him of a person who can actually show him the way to rejoining the Child with its species, directing him to another Easter egg hunt throughout the galaxy, to Mace Windu.Mace could be laying low, possibly growing his plants as well as training those that showed pressure powers at an early age. Refining his abilities and learning even more concerning all facets of the pressure, and at some point along the method, finding out a heap from Yoda who communed with him, as well as Obi-Wan after their fatalities.

This might be Mace’s return, this might be how Mace fits into the Mandalorian. So you’re most likely claiming, well ok, but what concerning his death … well … What if while the Mando is locating the course to Mace Windu, he is adhered to by someone infamous flying the Slave 1 ship as well as soon as he does leave Mace, with the info on where to reunite The Child with his moms and dads, Boba concerns him. Just how poetic would certainly it be if Mace Windu’s fatality came cycle, and what I mean is, Boba Fett finds him, and also kills him, transcending him into the force … retaliating his daddy, Jango.

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