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Prod Carbon Monoxide: Riveting Entertainment
Director Prod: Andrew Listermann
Director: Ace Pro
Manufacturer: Kevin Boston
Prod Mgr: Erica Nagai
DP: Justin Jones
Marketing: Alexandra „Ali B“ Bianchi
Commissioner: Kareem Johnson/ OverScene LLC

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Sh * t is a jam
Sh * t is a jam
I can inform who’s on the escape
25 programs check the pay
I ain’t going house imma avoid
When they lookin for a method out, muf * ckas dislike you
I just kick back and let it play out
as well as She gon let me hit it any kind of day now ooh
What you gon state currently ooh
My ex lover girl obtained a child ooh
Yet she still let me stay currently ooh
I got a Dallas and an H Town boo
Obtained a baddie out in Cape Town, as well
Entire gang eating steak house food
Obtain the check, I ain’t checkin what it came out to
I tell promoters I do not speak about the cash
You understand that to hand the envelope to
Big John obtained the cash money and he been the go-to
Listened to the beat told Nickie placed it in the Pro Tools
Got a water fountain on the chain as well as it’s indigo blue
Might f * ck around and get a gold tooth
I’m a restaurant-goer, never ever been to Whole Foods
She gon listen to the song, say this sh * t an entire state of mind
I’m in the hills out West on a tour bus
Texting this chick I used to tinker
Obtained her in the bath doing video clip shoots
Attempted to send one to me but it didn’t go with
As well as She gon let me hit it any type of day currently ooh
What you gon na state now ooh
My ex-spouse lady got a child ooh
She still allow me stay now ooh
I can tell that’s on the escape
25 programs check the pay out
I ain’t going home imma avoid
Muf * ckas dislike you when they lookin for an escape
I just kick back as well as let it play out
And She gon allow me hit it any type of day currently ooh
What you gon claim now ooh
My ex lover girl got an infant ooh
Yet she still let me remain now ooh
Whoa, whoa, yeah
I earn money to do me that’s a fact check
I run it up then backtrack my last steps
I’m in her eardrums speaking about properties
“ Do you desire a?“ „Yes!“.
Hold up I ain’t also ask.
She got her hair done.
She finna require it redone.
Boy, that p * ssy so excellent (so great).
Stuck it in damn near virtually made me pre cum.
I allowed her give me some recommendations like I require some.
Scheduled up, inform a foolish b * tch review some.
I’m greasy, I’m the one in charge.
I done came out of pocket so a lot.
You assumed that I was disjointed.
They aimed me towards ya diss.
I’m disappointed.
My ex-spouse treat me like I ain’t there.
What happened to the feelings and also enjoy that we still share?
Just like the women who obtained my name tattooed and also covered up.
I understand deep down, under the surface it’s still there.
She gon allow me strike it any kind of day now ooh.
What you gon say now ooh.
My ex lover lady obtained an infant currently ooh.
Yet she still let me remain now ooh.
I can tell who’s on the means out.
25 shows check the pay.
I ain’t going home imma stay out.
When they lookin for a method out, muf * ckas despise you.
I just relax and also allow it play out.
( and also) She gon allow me hit it any kind of day currently ooh.
What you gon say currently ooh.
Ex lady obtained a bae currently ooh.
She still let me stay currently ooh.

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