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View the unique Apple Occasion and discover regarding the future generation of Mac. Now with the Apple M1 chip, the new MacBook Air, 13-inch MacBook Pro, and also Mac mini each take a substantial leap ahead.

To watch the event analyzed in American Sign Language (ASL), please go here:

00:00 Introduction
04:39 Apple Silicon
14:00 macOS Big Sur
22:45 MacBook Air
29:50 Mac Mini
35:06 MacBook Pro

‚ Fly Away‘ by Tones & I.
‚ Take Back The Power‘ by Raury
‚ Music To Clean The House To‘ by Nick Leng
‚ Playing Your Game, Baby‘ by Barry White
‚ Ya Power‘ by KingupingU
‚ Bring The Drums Back‘ by Noisy
‚ Wave‘ by Whethan
‚ Back It Up‘ by Alison Wonderland X AWE
‚ Show Me How‘ by Beacon.
‚ Alright With Me‘ by Memba & Ricky James

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