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The aerial train at Wuppertal was opened up on March 1, 1901 and also has a size of 13.3 km. One trip from on terminus to the various other takes around half an hour; the train stops at 20 stations.

Technically it is a hanging monorail. The „Schwebebahn“ adheres to the river „Wupper“ for around 12 km; in the southern part at Vohwinkel it adheres to a road. The airborne railroad operates at an altitute of about 12 meters above the surface.

Each of the originally 28 autos (course GTW 72) has a leading speed of 60 km/h, is 24.06 meters long as well as weighs about 22.1 tons. The trains had actually been provided by MAN between 1972 and 1975 and are concerning to be changed by 2014.

The historical train at the end of the video clip is the „Kaiserwagen“, constructed in 1900. This system is being made use of for unique trips only.

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