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Source video from The Gallery of Modern Art channel:

Huge and genuine thank you to MoMA for making it available online in such terrific high quality.

Upscaled with neural networks video of „Wuppertal Schwebebahn“ shot in 1902. Btw, the train system hasn’t transformed still practical and also much. The „Schwebebahn“ was developed mostly over the river to conserve room.

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✔ Upscaled to 4K;
✔ FPS increased to 60 structures per second, I have actually additionally fixed some playback rate issues;
✔ Stabilized;
✔ Colorized– please, be conscious that colorization colors are unreal as well as fake, colorization was made just for the setting and do not stand for genuine historic information.

ℹ Note: Contrary to the message at the start, the city „Wuppertal“ didn’t yet exist in 1902. Back then, these were a handful of seperated cities and also communities called „Elberfeld“, „Ronsdorf“, „Cronenberg“, „Vohwinkel“ as well as „Barmen“. These cities were unified in 1929 under the name „Barmen-Elberfeld“ and also were relabelled right into „Wuppertal“ in 1930, according to the reality that the cities lie around the Wupper river.

An interesting reality concerning that train system:
Tuffi was a female circus elephant that ended up being renowned in West Germany during 1950 when she unintentionally fell from the Wuppertal Schwebebahn into the River Wupper beneath.
On 21 July 1950 the circus director Franz Althoff had Tuffi, four years old, to take a trip on the suspended monorail in Wuppertal, as a publicity stunt. The elephant heralded wildly and also ran via the wagon, damaged with a home window as well as fell ~ 12 meters (39 feet) down into the River Wupper, experiencing only small injuries.

Track: Deluge by Cellophane Sam

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