Here I am going through western Germany in Wuppertal. This 2020 city trip in Wuppertal on a over cast and also cool winter season day uses a wonderful method to enjoy Wuppertal’s (Western Germany) stunning city feel during the late mid-day hrs. I am beginning at the freshly developed Hauptbahnhof (Main train station), and after that taking a quick stroll through the shopping street and also passing a couple of beautiful buildings. I wish you can enjoy this walk and relax. I have also shot one more video clip where I took a ride in Wuppertal’s public Schwebebahn (Monorail).

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1. Wuppertal City Tour on a Late Afternoon:
2. Wuppertal City at Night:
3. Wuppertal Monorail (Schwebebahn) ride:
4. West Germany Night Walk – Dusseldorf Test Run:
5. Dusseldorf 4K – Cloudy Day City Walk:
6. Dusseldorf International Airport Walk & SkyTrain:

If you are curious concerning various other parts of Western Germany please enjoy among my video clips from the adhering to playlist:

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